Wherigo with Urwigo

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Urwigo is a Wherigo Builder within you can make WherigoCartridges. You can download Urwigo at http://www.urwigo.com/index.html. Wherigo is a new GPS-game you can play outside. First you have to install a Wherigo Player on your Smathphone. PocketPC or Garmin. You can found links to Players on this website. 

Depending on the fantasy of the builder you can met virtual persons or things and walk through a virtual world and be a part of a virtual soap or fairytale. Or you are guide by a virtual inhabiter through a city where you went for a visit. For more information look at http://www.wherigo.com.

For examples of Wherigos (both are in Dutch).

The idea

First you start with an idea. It can be a geocache, puzzle, fantasy or tour. Use your fantasy. For inspiration go to the library for a fantasy book or fairytale . You can find them at the child department. Or more dangerous smoke a joint or get drunk.
I make a drawing from the idea about the plot of the wherigo, which characters I want to make, zones and items and in which order they have to display. Then I collect pictures that I want to use. Do not make the storyline to difficult.

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Follow the menu on the left side and you get a review of how to make a Wherigo.