Geocaching is an activity that combines technology and nature.

Geocaching is a really fun kind of treasure hunt where you with a GPS receiver can find treasures in both Denmark and the rest of the world. Many of the treasures are hidden, so they can exist without the big sweat. Often located in beautiful surroundings or sights. But even at rest areas along highways are treasures that are waiting and here you have another tip for how kids can just get touched himself before the trip goes.

Treasures or caches as it also states that saved somewhere and then the coordinates published and instead described. This information can then be found on geocaching.com and geocaching.dk as Danish caches.

A cache is typically composed of a waterproof box containing a logbook, a pencil and miscellaneous small prey items.

When the cache is found you write in the little log book and exchange a small thing with another. Back at the computer logs can again visit her website. So you can keep track of who else has been there. If you are the first who is lucky enough to find the cache, there is often a First Finder Certificate (FFC), which may be taken home.

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